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The Construction News and Report Group launched in 1988. The enterprise has expanded from initially serving the regional construction market in Ottawa, Canada. It now reaches several major cities in the US and Canada with focused regional coverage.  As well, we publish websites, eletters and e-magazines with national distribution in both nations.

Our team of writers has more than 100 years experience of targeted editorial industry knowledge, coupled with an understanding of how to effectively distribute news and information to the architectural, engineering and construction community. Our partner sites reach the largest markets across the United States and Canada, putting you in front of 100,000 daily visitors to our partner sites and over 40,000 readers weekly with our newsletters.

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Construction News Wire offers a flat rate distribution for your announcements and news releases at $199 USD or $249 CDN for submitted media releases. Press Release writing services are also available for an additional $199 USD or $249 CDN.


About us

Construction News Wire is published by the Construction News and Report Group. Our regional and national sites in the US and Canada reach several of the largest regional markets, putting your message in front of 100,000 yearly visitors to our sites and over 20,000 readers weekly with our newsletters.

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